Why YOU need Dynamic Movement!

In today’s Locomotion101, Coach James talks about dynamic movement, specifically what we consider to be dynamic movement and why everyone needs some form of dynamic movement for optimal health and longevity.

What is dynamic movement?
-3-dimensional movement patterns that your body was designed to experience on a daily basis: Involves a COMBINATION of moving forward and backward, side to side, AND rotation!
-Training Dynamic Movement is crucial for optimal joint health and longevity!

3 Main Categories of Dynamic Movement
Traditional Dynamic Movement: Includes athletic drills like running, skipping, and agility, to name a few. Can help with coordination and rhythm.
– Dynamic Stretching: Not to be confused wth static stretching! Dynamic stretching involves moving through a range of motion with a goal of waking up sleepy muscles and warming them up. Dynamic stretching prepares or primes your body for intense training, heavy lifting, or extended periods of exercise like running or playing sports. Movement flows like Animal Flow or vinyasa yoga fit under the dynamic stretching umbrella.
-Dynamic Core Activation: Include many different variations of weighted carries, anti-rotation exercises, and medicine ball throws, to name a few. These exercises help maintain optimal strength and function of your trunk/spine.