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getinmotion challenge

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Are you looking to innovate yourself? Maybe looking to get inspired? It’s time to #GetInMotion… grab your bestie and come in ready to work! The #GetInMotion 10 week challenge is designed to help you blast through any barriers or plateaus that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Come inspire or get inspired by our coaches, member community, and your partner! We will provide excellent, effective exercise programming to help you reach your goals, whatever they are! Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Feel and Sleep Better, Be More Confident. That’s what we, your coaches, want! So we will be participating in the #GetInMotion 10 Week Challenge with you!

The Deets

10 Week Challenge
You and your partner will “compete” against other duos to earn points for a bunch of prizes that include $500 cash prize, gift cards, and free training!
Example: 1 point for attending a workout, 2 points for posting food pictures to the FB private support group, etc.

How much? $75 for Members, $325 for non-members/friends

When does it start? The challenge starts Sunday, January 14, 2018, with the assessment which includes the “before” Dexa Scan (at Locomotion Athletics Headquarters – 2163 Hancock Street, SD, CA 92110). If you cannot be there on Sunday for the Dexa scan, you will be able to go to get scanned at the Bodycomp Inc. store located downtown at 838 G. Street, Second Level San Diego, CA 92101. You will have one week to get your assessments and Dexa Scan performed.

Week 1 (Jan 14-Jan 21) is primarily for #GetInMotion challenge participants to complete their assessments and Dexa Scans. We will conduct workouts but will not start counting points until Monday, January 22, 2018. We want participants to be able to prioritize time for the assessments and not lose out on points.

Week 2: We start counting points on Monday, January 22.

This is the gist of the challenge, you will receive full details in a package on the Start Date/Week (January 14-January 22).

How to Purchase?
If you are already a member paying through the app: You can purchase the package on the Locomotion Athletics App under “Buy”, then “#GetInMotion Challenge” -> “Member Price”

Not a member yet? Down the app, create an account, input all of your information. After that, you can use our app. First, you have try to book a class. CLick on “Classes.” Then a class, then “Book Class”. You will then see “Buy Service”. At this point, go back to the main tab, then the “Buy” tab will open. Open “Buy”, go to Group Classes and choose “New Member: #GetInMotion 10 Week Challenge $325”. Autopay says Free because this package will only run once and will not renew.

After you pay, you will receive instructions on how to schedule your Dexa Scan. If you have any questions, please reach out to your coach or email info@locomotionathletics.com

Alright, Time to #GetInMotion!

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