Brielle Burdoe

"Locomotion is the PERFECT spot!"

Locomotion is the PERFECT spot for anyone seeking personal training in a small group setting. James is the owner, and by far the best coach, but all of the coaches are educated, professional, and detailed oriented. James is always within reach, easy to communicate with, and truly wants everyone to become the best, strongest version of themselves. He has a gift at making people feel seen. The community is friendly, and I love that everyone is at a different place in their fitness journey but all working hard to become stronger. The facility itself is very clean and organized. It may not seem very big at first, but space is managed appropriately, and you will never feel crammed or like there’s no space to move around. As far as the programming goes, I give it a 10/10! Everyday is total body, and while you can expect to see different stuff each day, there’s also a lot of the same movements throughout the week. I really like this because you can work at getting stronger at those movements. When looking for a strength program, I don’t want to do the same thing each day, but I also don’t want every single session to be completely different from the other. Locomotion’s programming is the perfect balance! The style of training they use also won’t cause you to feel super dead after a workout; maybe some mild to moderate soreness but nothing that will absolutely destroy your next 3 days lol. It really is an amazing place to train!!! Couldn’t recommend it enough.

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