Time-Restricted Eating

Happy Monday Challengers:) All of your hard work and meal prepping last week was truly impressive! It’s awesome to see you guys so committed to your own health and wellness. This week, if you’re looking to ramp up your commitment even further, read on about an easy, healthy eating practice that can help you ACCELERATE results.
If you’ve read up on fasting or TIME-RESTRICTED EATING, you are on to some fascinating research which shows that WHEN you eat might be more important than WHAT you eat. A new body of research by the Salk Institute of California shows that if all daily food is eaten within a 9-10 hour window (say, between 8am & 5pm for example) there is a dramatic impact on body weight and composition. Subjects were able to shed a significant amount of body fat and retain more muscle just by fasting for 15-16 hours nightly… WITHOUT ALTERING THEIR DAILY CALORIC INTAKE. Read that sentence again! That is really big news for people seeking weight-loss and body composition change. Many of us can relate to the struggle of restricting calories. This might be an excellent supplement to your healthy diet to truly effect positive change, without the rigidity and psychological stress that caloric restriction can cause. Not to mention, this practice has a heap of other health benefits, from resolving migraine symptoms and relieving arthritis, to improving Alzheimer’s symptoms and shrinking tumors. Oh, and preventing cell aging… so you literally stay younger. You know, just added perks.

Message me if you want to chat about how to implement this awesome health choice into your routine!

The best part is, this is not a product you buy, or a person you pay to improve yourself. This is one of those good old-fashioned opportunities to embrace your own power and choice about YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

– Anna

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