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Functional Strength & Conditioning (FSC) – Strength

This 45-Minute full-body session focuses on developing strength, power, & athleticism!

By utilizing increased load at lower rep ranges we can focus on lifting the “big things” safely & effectively!


Functional Strength & Conditioning (FSC) – Physique

It’s time to work on that muscle tone & definition!

This 45-minute full-body session utilizes moderate weight, full ranges of motion, & tempo work to help develop the ultimate mind-muscle connection!


Functional Strength & Conditioning (FSC) – Endurance

Looking to build your cardio & increase your metabolic engine?

This 45-minute full-body session focuses on lighter loads with increased reps through the use of KB complexes and timed bodyweight intervals! Cardio done the RIGHT way!



60-minute session emphasizing building lower body development.

Great for individuals looking to increase strength & fullness through targeted glute training!



60-minute session emphasizing building upper body development.

Great for individuals who would like to increase their upper body strength & develop muscular “tone” in the chest, shoulders, back, arms, etc.



60-minute advanced weightlifting class that emphasizes more conventional powerlifting movements such as Deadlift, Squat, & Bench Press.

Great for individuals looking for a challenge and want to develop their “big lift” skill sets.


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